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Britannia Airport Cars Terms & Condition

Errors and omissions expected (E&OE)

“Britannia Airport Cars is a Trading name of Uktransfer2016 Ltd Registered Number (10489482) in England & Wales and PCO Registration Number (009659).

Please read the information in this document carefully and ensure that you comply fully with the instructions and specifications within;

Company reserve the rights to terminate this contract without any prior notice if there is breach of condition of contract mentioned in “Driver Terms, “Driver Information Policy Document” or Driver Price List Document attached herewith. 

You are hired as self-employed basis (It’s your responsibility to declare your legal taxes to the authorities).

Charges & Fares:

··         Commission total 20% (16.67% & 3.33%VAT) will be charged on driver price list from 04:30 am till 23:00.  Any extra payment over driver price taken as cash will be taken back in statement as Extra Cash Return i.e. 3rd party commission, kickbacks.

·         Overnight prices are 10% higher from driver price list attached from 23:00 till 04:30 am which mean 10% commission during this time.

·         Resignation notice should be sent on company official email 14 Days in Advance

·         We consider business week from 00:00 hrs. Monday till 23:59 Sunday.

·         Payment and statement will be issued on following Friday (5 days later then closed week for accounts to create statement

·         Any jobs completed after 23:59 hrs Sunday will appear in next week’s statement.

·         On Christmas   25th December   and New Year 1st January you will receive 25% incensement on driver price list and remaining whole year our prices remain same 24/7.

·         Britannia Airport Cars operate on behalf of Drivers and we pay VAT to HMRC on 16.67% Commission which we charge to drivers.

Driver Information Policy;

For operating services for or on behalf of Britannia Airport Cars

Please read the information in this document carefully and ensure that you comply fully with the instructions and specifications within; 

Our Objective is:

“To provide a first-class service to all our customers and clients, by delivering a professional, punctual and efficient ground transport service” 

Instructions for drivers, 

You and your vehicle have been hired to operate for service on behalf of Britannia Airport Cars. Outlined below are some of the main areas where our driver standards apply. Above all be punctual, polite, professional and safe. 

Smart Appearance

All drivers are asked to take pride in and care of their appearance. Smart, well-groomed appearance gives comfort and reassurance to our customers that they are dealing with a professional driver and a professional company, a minimum dress code smart shoes, trousers, collar shirt and tie. Under No circumstances should Jeans, shorts, T-Shirts or trainers be worn. 

Vehicle Appearance / Presentation

Your vehicle should be free of litter and cleanly presented both inside and out. A check of vehicle cleanliness should be made prior to passenger pick up. Smoking / Drinking / Eating. Drivers are not permitted to smoke within the vehicle or in view of the customer whilst on hire at any time. Whilst in control of a vehicle drivers are not permitted to eat, drink or undertake any activity that will prevent them from controlling the vehicle effectively.

Customer Identification,

Driver will be issued customer name, customer reference and destination with each booking. It is important for driver to confirms this with the customer upon pick up. If there is any confusion or uncertainty the driver must ensure this is checked out with the control centre Likewise, should there be any problems or uncertainty regarding the route or destination, clarification should be sought from a controller on duty.

Routes and journey

Driver should take quickest route to destination. All drivers should be aware of the route and pick up instructions PRIOR to commencing any journey. If you are unsure, please contact control centre for clarification. If the passenger requests any changes to the booked journeys, this must be verified with the control first. 

Mobile Phones

The use of hand held mobile phones or any electrical device (including equipment such as PDA’s, tablets and pagers etc is prohibited always whilst driving. If you need to make calls using a mobile phone the vehicle must be stationary and parked in a safe place with the gear selector in neutral and with the hand or parking brake applied. Mobile phones must only be used for genuine emergencies, and you should pull the vehicle over to carry out the call or use approved hands-free equipment. A mobile phone can be used in a situation where you need to call the emergency services only.  A zero-tolerance approach to drivers not adhering to our mobile phone policy and is viewed as gross misconduct.

Fit for work

It is the responsibility of all taxi drivers to ensure they are fit for duty. Driving whilst fatigued is completely unacceptable always.

Drivers should ensure that: 

  • They have had plenty of rest before commencing work
  • During shifts, stop for frequent breaks. Get out of the vehicle periodically between jobs and move around;
  • Learn to recognize the signs of driver fatigue: drowsiness, difficulty focusing, blinking more than normal, yawning, heavy eyelids, and rubbing your eyes. If you have any of these symptoms or signs, do not continue driving under any circumstances.
  • They have had suitable rest prior to carrying out a duty on behalf of Britannia Airport Cars. 
Safe Driving
Speeding is not tolerated under any circumstance and drivers must ensure they stick to the speed limits always, failure to do so will result in drivers being removed from carrying out any work for Britannia Airport Cars.

Adopt a safe attitude to your journey and be calm and courteous to your passenger and other road users Seat Belts

The driver of the vehicle is responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure that all your passengers are aware of the need to wear a seatbelt especially children on rear seats.

Luggage / Lost Property

Please assist and offer passengers help with the loading of luggage items if required and please report any lost property to control centre. Its driver’s responsibility to drop lost property in office within 24 hours. There will be no payment made for dropping luggage into office.

Accidents or incidents

If you are involved in an accident whilst on or going to a job call our control room immediately. Ensure your passengers are safe, and if you need assistance calling emergency services etc.

Accepting First Job

Before Accepting Job -    Keep your PDA / location on during the shift. Before log on to PDA, make sure that enough fuel for the shift, check all the documents, i.e. Airport meet & greet board, baby seat, booster seat, car oil, tyres etc.

Log on the system

Morning shift A & B need to turn on App/PDA by 18:00 and it should remain on till 20:00 every day to accept next day morning first job).

Shift C Night shift drivers need to turn on PDA at 14:00 to accept the job that will be after 16:00 at least 2 hours before the shift. This will help us to more efficiently allocate jobs to you. If you like to take off day make sure inform to controller before 18:00 by written text message.

Hotel or House Pickups:

Hotel pick up-  park the car in front of hotel at least 15 minutes before the pickup time, write name on name board and inquire from reception. If you still can’t find the passenger, then you can inform to controller by PDA message to contact passenger by call.

Residential pick up- make sure that you are on Right Street and door numbers at least 15 minutes before your pickup time, it is solely driver’s responsibility to find correct address. Station pickups please follow instructions provided on your PDA notes. Be there at-least 15 min prior to pick up point.

 Airport Pickups:

Once driver receives an airport pick up job it is the driver’s responsibility to monitor flight and be inside the terminal as per instructions. Under no circumstances call passenger to come out from the terminal, always pick up from inside the terminal at arrivals at designated meeting point. Your time will be calculated from the time of entrance to parking area ticket time. Always keep eyes on flight information board and keep checking status of your flight. If you can’t see the flight number, its means there is something wrong always make sure that you are at the right terminal/arrival. Always write passenger’s name in uppercase letters and display as shown above with smiling face. Make sure to be visible displaying name board accordingly,

Dropping Off:

10 minutes eta to the destination inform to passenger “we are approaching to the drop off point thanks for using our service and ask for their return journey if passenger already have booked return trip then confirm return job details i.e. flight number date, time, flight number, or any information is not correct make sure to contact controller and update the booking. After clearing the job please wait and you will be informed by controller for next plot / job and follow the controller’s instructions.

Child Seat / Booster Seat / Infant Seat:

Each MPV car should have 1 booster seat and 1 Baby Seat (1 to 4 Years) in the car always. After sharing the above information, you must then take direction from our control team on what to do next.

Shift & Timing:

 Our shifts are fixed however as we are specialized for airport transfer and long distance only so there could be 2 hours up and down in shift start and finish time depends on the day.

Shift(s) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
A 04:00 – 16:00
B 11:00 – 23:00
C 16:00 – 04:00
Part Time
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