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“Britannia Airport Cars is a Trading name of Uktransfer2016 Ltd Registered Number (10489482) in England & Wales and PCO Registration Number (009659).

Unless otherwise specified, in these terms and conditions:

These Terms shall be incorporated in and form part of all Contracts for the provision of the Services. Bookings can be made through our website, by telephone, Chat, Online, and Email. The media by which you are able to make a Booking constitute an invitation to treat and your Booking constitutes an offer to Contract for Services (to Britannia Airport Cars, the relevant Driver or the Fulfilment Partner, as applicable) which Britannia Airport Cars, the relevant Driver or the Fulfilment Partner (as applicable) can accept (thereby creating a legally binding Contract incorporating these Terms):
By accepting these Terms, you are also accepting the terms of our privacy policy, which can be found at http://britanniaairportcars.co.uk/privacy-security-policy our privacy policy sets out details of how we use the personal information you provide to us. We only use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.
We reserve the right to amend these Terms & condition any time.
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England.
A person who is not a party to any Contract shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.


1.1 All phone bookings are taken with great care and detailed attention to ensure accuracy is maintained.
1.2 We will send e-mail confirmations to all of our clients, provided they have included a valid e-mail id with their booking. This will include phone, Call, Chat, online, email bookings.
1.3 Some of the bookings via call may be recorded for training monitoring and verification purposes.
1.4 We will not be held liable for any incorrect information provided by customers or client.
1.5 Any Changes to any Pree booked journey can be made by 8 hours in advance by email or call. Any change to live pree booked journey less that 8 hours notice will be subject to availability and confirmation. 

1.6 We may, in our absolute discretion, decline to accept any Booking.


2.1 It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that they order the correct type of vehicle in order to carry the numbers of passengers and luggage. Vehicle types can be found on our vehicles http://www.britanniaairportcars.co.uk/vehicles.asp.


3.1 We shall be entitled to vary the Price List from time to time.
3.2 We shall change the quoted price if it’s quoted wrong by website or by our staff member with 4 hours prior notice to passengers.


4.1 Payment can be made by following methods:
4.2 To the driver Cash/Credit/Debit card (Master/Visa). Payment to driver by card will be 10% additional surcharge. (There is no surcharge paying by cash to driver).
4.3 Prepay in advance by Credit/Debit Card online by payment link. There is no surcharge paying in advance by Credit/Debit Card.
4.4 PayPal using online web or by link (The surcharge will be applied).
4.5 We accept American Express Card only via PayPal.


5.1 To protect our drivers and passengers safety we have implemented random installation of security cameras in our cars.
5.2 Any online credit/debit card bookings will be subject to verification and Passengers will be asked to provide ID with the credit/debit card.


6.1 All pickups from the airports and cruise ports are allowed 30 minutes free waiting time from the Pickup Time/docking time. Any further waiting time will be Charged at 40p for saloon car and 60p for MPV per minute (minimum £4 for saloon and £5 for MPV Flight delays are exempt from these charges.
6.2 Pickups from home, hotel, offices and other venues are allowed 10 minutes from the actual booked time, thereafter 40p per minute for saloon and 60p MPV (minimum £4 for saloon and £5 for MPV) will be added to the fare quoted.


7.1 Customers must inform us at the time of making a booking if the Customer or any Passenger wishes to carry any domestic animals in any Passenger Vehicle. All domestic animals must be carried in a suitable locked box or cage, if appropriate and/or be suitably restrained. We reserve the right to cancel a Booking on arrival at the Collection Address if we have not been informed of the Customer’s requirement to carry an animal in the Passenger Vehicle, and to charge the Customer the relevant cancellation fee under these Terms. Guide dogs are exempt from this requirement and are permitted to be carried in any Passenger Vehicle
7.2 We allow guided dogs in our passenger vehicle if it’s been notified by passenger while making the booking.

7.3 Passenger can book pet friendly vehicle online. 


8.1 We can provide transportation to wheel chair users Please Book wheelchair accessable car from website. 


9.1 Additional passengers and luggage may be added with the permission of Britannia Airport Cars control to the car ordered and extra cost will be applied if vehicle upgraded according to our vehicles but not exceeding the numbers per vehicle type ordered.


10.1 Additional pickups will be charged £1.20 per Mile plus £5 per diversion for house or hotel pickup and for airport pickup there will be £5 extra will be added as parking charges for each terminal.
10.2 Additional drop offs will be charged £1.20 per mile plus £5.00 per diversion;
10.3 Booking made online with via address or with additional stop will be verified by our booking staff and price will be rectified if it’s not charged correctly by website.


11.1 If any customer request to follow a route other than our chosen route, additional Charges may be applied by provider.
11.2 Our system chooses a route with minimum mileage and time.
11.3 The driver will take the route to a destination by considering the following Facts: the traffic, time, road closures, and diversions according to live traffic and with best of his knowledge.


12.1 Booking can be cancelled in advance by giving 12 hours’ notice. Cancelltion charges shall be 7% as transection fee.
12.2 Any booking made on the basis of paying cash to the driver secured with a credit card or debit card will be charged the full fare in the event of Cancellations notified less than 12 hours.
12.3 All pre-paid booking cancellations notified less than 12 hours will not be refunded


13.1 If the passenger missed a flight this information must be informed to us immediately so that we will notify the driver not to enter the airport for that pickup. If the journey was pre-paid it will be refunded after deducting 3% for bank charges. However, if the passenger wishes to take a later flight we will provide the service at no extra cost.


14.1 No show is defined as follows: If passenger booked with UKTransfer2016 Ltd a private hire car and failed to meet the driver on pick up time, this will include home, Hotel and other private address or any airport, cruise port, stations. This will include wrong date wrong time bookings.
14.2 If passenger books a pick up from an airport and fails to meet the driver
14.3 In the arrival hall at the designated “Meeting point” This means that the driver will wait in the arrival hall up to 1 hour from the pickup time according to flight landing time and if the passenger fails to meet Within this time limit or make contact to inform their status at the airport Will be considered as a no show.
14.4 All bookings prepaid by a credit or debit card will not be refunded in the Event of a “No show”


15.1 Refunds will be issued on the Following Grounds.

15.2 Booking prepaid with a credit card or debit card and cancellation notified 12 hours prior to the actual pick up time.
15.3 If the passenger missed the flight and informs us in advance either by email, text or via phone and obtains a cancellation confirmation.
15.4 No refunds will be issued cancellations notified less than 12 hours or if passenger books the PHV for a wrong date, wrong flight number and other misleading information or if the passenger leaves the pickup point without informing Provider for any reason whatsoever.
15.5 Once passenger used the Service no refund will be consider in any case.


16.1 In relation to the Services, our liability shall not exceed £100;
16.2 The company accept no liability for the severe traffic delays, Road closures, Extreme and poor weather conditions.
16.3 The company accept no liability for unconfirmed transfers without booking Reference Number.
16.4 In the case of lost or damaged Goods, loss of flights, trains, cruise or any other loss (including where relevant luggage of Customers travelling in Passenger Vehicles), our liability shall not exceed £100 unless the Customer has notified us that the Goods have a value in excess of £100 and we have agreed in writing to be responsible for the repair or replacement of the Goods up to a greater value and the Customer shall indemnify us against any Passenger claiming sums in excess of such limits.
16.5 The Customer agrees to indemnify and keep us fully indemnified from and against any direct and indirect losses, claims, expenses, damages or liability whatsoever incurred or suffered by us as a result of the negligence, acts or omissions or default under the Contract by the Customer, or its employees, agents or subcontractors or any Passengers.
16.6 We shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss of anticipated savings, business revenues, loss of agreements, loss of opportunity or loss of business or profits whether categorised as direct or indirect or any indirect, special or consequential loss (including losses arising from business interruption, wasted management time, loss of goodwill, data and all other such loss whether or not arising in the normal course of business).
16.7 We shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any delay in performing any of our obligations under the Contract.
16.8 We shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of the Contract by reason of any failure to perform any of our obligations under the Contract if the delay or failure was due to any circumstances or cause beyond our reasonable control.
16.9 In relation to Network Bookings, we shall to the extent permitted by law, not be liable in any way whatsoever in respect of any claim regarding the provision of the fulfilment or for any act or omission of any Fulfilment Partner.
16.10 We shall, in no event, have any liability in respect of any claim, howsoever arising, that is not notified to us by the Customer, in writing, with sufficient particularity, to identify the nature and the quantum of the claim within fourteen (14) days of the occurrence of the circumstances giving rise to the claim.
16.11 The Customer acknowledges that the limitations on our liability as set out are fair and reasonable in the circumstances and have been taken into account and reflected in the level of the Charges.
16.12 Provider cannot be held responsible for any liabilities such missing the flight for sub-contracted transfers.
16.13 We do not accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to any luggage which is transported in a Passenger Vehicle. We accept no liability for any loss or damage caused to a bicycle under any other circumstance. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that any luggage and/or bicycle stored in the Passenger Vehicle may move around during the journey and accordingly the Customer (and any Passengers) should take extra care when opening the luggage compartment of the Passenger Vehicle.
16.14 We shall, in no event, have any liability in respect of any claim, howsoever arising, that is not notified to us by the Customer, in writing, with sufficient particularity, to identify the nature and the quantum of the claim within fourteen (14) days of the occurrence of the circumstances giving rise to the claim.


17.1 We shall not be responsible for any property left by Passengers in any Passenger Vehicle. Where property is found in a Passenger Vehicle it will be stored by us for a period of 28 days and thereafter we shall be entitled to return, sell, destroy or otherwise dispose of such property as we, in its absolute discretion, see fit.
17.2 Passenger is responsible to arrange pickup for his lost property, book a courier service or book an alternative service such as private hire to drop the lost property at customer’s house.


18.1 Passengers are not permitted to smoke in any Passenger Vehicle (including using Electronic cigarettes).
18.2 Passengers shall not play any musical instrument or broadcast recorded music in any Passenger Vehicle except with our written permission.
18.3 Passengers shall not consume alcohol in any Passenger Vehicle and we and the Driver reserve the right to decline carriage to any Passenger and/or require a Passenger to alight from a Passenger Vehicle who, in our opinion, is intoxicated.
18.4 The transportation of luggage in a Passenger Vehicle shall be permitted at our absolute discretion. Passengers shall remain responsible at all times for their luggage and/or bicycle and shall load and unload their own luggage and/or bicycle. Subject to clause 3.2.7, we may assist the Customer with the loading and unloading of his/her luggage and/or bicycle from the Passenger Vehicle, at our sole discretion.
18.5 Passengers are required to comply with current customs laws and regulations and we shall not be responsible for any delays caused by any failure to comply with the same.
18.6 All Passengers are required to use seatbelts at all times.
18.7 We will not allow unaccompanied Minors of less than 11 years of age to travel alone in a Passenger Vehicle. In exceptional circumstances and subject to the parent/guardian’s consent we may allow Minors over the age of 11 to travel unaccompanied. When making a Booking for any unaccompanied Minor the Customer must inform us that an unaccompanied Minor will be travelling. We do not accept any additional responsibility for any Minor who travels unaccompanied in a Passenger Vehicle.
18.8 We reserve the right to refuse to transport or cease to transport any Passenger who behaves in a disorderly, inappropriate (including excessive physical contact or display), threatening or abusive manner or who, in our absolute discretion, we consider a nuisance or a danger to our employees, agents, subcontractors or to fellow Passengers and may require such a Passenger to alight from a Passenger Vehicle and the Customer may be charged an Great Britain Cars Cancellation Fee. We are committed to providing Services in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We may assist any Passenger who is not capable of boarding and alighting a Passenger Vehicle unaided, at our sole discretion but at the Passenger’s risk.
18.9 We may charge reasonable repair or cleaning charges plus £50 representing loss of earnings for the Driver in the event of spillages in or in the event that any Passenger vomits in or otherwise soils, contaminates or damages a Passenger Vehicle.
18.10 The Customer shall be liable for any damage caused by Passengers to any Passenger Vehicle.
18.11 Subject to the following provisions except in respect of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, or that of our servants or agents, our liability to the Customer for loss and/or damage caused by the negligence of us and/or our servants or agents, or otherwise which arises out of or in connection with the provision of the Services or their use by the Customer shall be limited as follows:
18.12 We shall use reasonable endeavours to provide a Passenger Vehicle which is in good working order and of the type specified by the Customer (and in the event that such a Vehicle is not available, a reasonable alternative vehicle) within any time for so doing given by us or within a reasonable time.
18.13 Provider shall use other sub-contracted licensed companies to provide service on time.
18.14 We reserve the right to subcontract or delegate in any manner any or all of our obligations under any Contract to any third party or agent.

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